C++ 概念: Container

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Container 是一种用来存放其它对象的对象,所含对象使用的内存也由它管理。


[编辑] 要求

  • C 容器类型
  • T 元素类型
  • ab C 类型的对象

[编辑] 类型

名称 类型 备注
value_type T Destructible
reference lvalue of T
const_reference const lvalue of T
iterator iterator pointing to T ForwardIterator
convertible to const_iterator
const_iterator const iterator pointing to T ForwardIterator
difference_type signed integer must be the same as iterator_traits中::difference_type for iterator and const_iterator
size_type unsigned integer large enough to represent all positive values of difference_type

[编辑] 方法与操作符

表达式 返回类型 语义 条件 复杂度
C(); C 创建空容器 后置:u.empty() == true 常数
C(a) C 创建 a 的副本 前置:T 必须 CopyInsertable
后置:a == X(a)
a = b C& a 的所有元素都被销毁或移动赋值为 b 的元素 后置:a == b 线性
(&a)->~C() void 销毁所有元素并释放内存 线性
a.begin() (const_)iterator Iterator to the first element 常数
a.end() (const_)iterator Iterator to one passed the last element 常数
a.cbegin()(C++11 起) const_iterator const_cast<const C&>(a).begin() 常数
a.cend()(C++11 起) const_iterator const_cast<const C&>(a).end() 常数
a == b convertible to bool 使 C EqualityComparable Pre: T must be EqualityComparable 线性
a != b convertible to bool !(a==b) 线性
a.swap(b) void 交换 a 和 b 的值 常数[1][2]
swap(a,b) void a.swap(b) 常数[1]
a.size() size_type distance(a.begin(),a.end()) 常数[2]
a.max_size() size_type b.size(),该 b 为可能存在的最大的 container 常数[2]
a.empty() convertible to bool a.begin() == a.end() 常数
  1. 1.0 1.1 (C++11 起) Linear for std::array
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 (C++11 前) Not strictly constant

[编辑] 容器数据争用

实现无需提供任何可重入性保证序列的修改 - 它是不是安全push_back和兼读begin。然而,它是必需的以避免数据争相同的序列的不同的元素中所包含的对象的内容时,同时被修改(除了vector<bool>)。换句话说,为vector<int>大小大于1,x[1] = 5*x.begin() = 10不会导致数据争.
Implementations are not required to provide any reentrancy guarantee for sequence modifications - it is not safe to push_back and read begin concurrently. However, it is required to avoid data races when the contents of the contained object in different elements of the same sequence are modified concurrently (except for vector<bool>). In other words, for a vector<int> with size greater than 1, x[1] = 5 and *x.begin() = 10 will not result in a data race.
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These functions must also be considered const: begin, end, rbegin, rend, front, back, data, find, lower_bound, upper_bound, equal_range, at, and, except in AssociativeContainer and UnorderedAssociativeContainer, operator[]. Calling any of these functions concurrently will not result in a data race.
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